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USC Music Performance

Students at performance

On May 5th, USC presented its first 2022 Stage 2 Music Performance Night. The night was broken into two halves, with contemporary pieces staged in our new Raw Space @ USC and culminating in classical performance in The University of Adelaide’s Elder Hall.

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Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of University Senior College at Adelaide University Incorporated will be held on Tuesday, 24th May 2022 at 8.30am  

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The Wellbeing Barometer Survey

The Wellbeing Barometer

Irrespective of whether your community has experienced many lockdowns or not, the pandemic has touched all of us and impacted families everywhere in some way. Whether it is our ability to participate in special celebrations or travel to visit loved ones, it has proven to be a difficult time - for some more than others.

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USC has signed up to School TV

SchoolTV Ad

USC has signed up to School TV a well-being resource. Essential information for modern day parenting SchoolTV offers parents a fresh approach to the growing issues and pressures faced by Australian youth. SchoolTV is a unique online resource delivering powerful and credible information to empower parents with the skills to address these issues and raise happy, well and resilient kids.

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University Senior College Year 11 students reflect on 2021

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Year 11 Science

Student on campus

In Year 11 Chemistry at USC students did an introductory set of experiments in which they dissolved copper and converted it into various forms before reforming the copper metal at the end. This helped them revise Year 10 Chemistry and link that with Chemical theory they will be learning throughout this year.

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Year 10 Science

University Senior College Year 10 students last year had a taste of the science subject Chemistry. Using practical experience, they learned more about the different types of chemical reactions that happen around them every day. The understanding of acids and bases in the topic of acid rain links with the chemistry of materials and biological chemistry.

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USC 20 Year Anniversary Dinner

Anniversary Dinner Invite

Anita Zocchi, Principal of University Senior College cordially invites past and present staff members, past and current Council Members and Old Scholars to the USC 20 Year Anniversary Dinner.

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USCOSA Annual General Meeting 2022

All USC Old Scholars are invited to attend.

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How to have a Healthy Mind in Year 11 with Tom Nehmy

USC Year 11 Mentoring session was held at the Palace Nova Cinema in Rundle Street. Dr Tom Nehmy PhD presented and the focus was on learning strategies. ‘How to have a Healthy Mind in Year 11’.

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