Tuition Fees

Fee schedule for 2020

The School Council has determined that the following schedule of fees shall apply for the 2020 school year.

2020 full year tuition fees - full time enrolment $9,840
2020 services fee $1,700
Application fee, including GST (once only, non-refundable) $80
Enrolment fee (once only, non-refundable) $240
TOTAL  $11,860
University Senior College building fund levy (voluntary annual contribution, tax-deductible) $150

Year 11 students enrolling in Semester 2 will be charged $4,920 (being 50% of the annual tuition fee) and a services fee of $1,150. TOTAL charge for Semester 2 including application and enrolment fees is $6,390.

For more information please refer to the tuition fees schedule for 2020.

Subject charges

Subject charges for 2020

Music fees schedule for 2020