We have a number of options to help you get to where you want to go with your study.

“I learned how to study the best way I can. Through teachers’ support and with access to Uni facilities, I found a way of studying and learned very valuable skills.” Josephine, Year 10

You will have the chance to secure a place in most courses at The University of Adelaide through the Partner’s Pathway.

To be recommended for the Partner’s Pathway program, you need to have:

  • Demonstrated positive behaviour and attitude toward your study
  • Demonstrated that you’ve made your learning and time at USC a priority
  • Displayed strong academic progress
  • Studied five SACE subjects in addition to the Research Project
  • Chosen subjects appropriate to your preferred University course that you are passionate about
  • Developed the qualities of an independent learner – and shown it through punctuality, organisation and participation in class
  • Completed your SACE and secured your desired ATAR.

We make our recommendations after the USC mid-year exams in July, and places for USC students at The University of Adelaide are offered for the following year to those who successfully meet the criteria.

Our flexible timetable allows you to undertake study at both Year 11 and 12.

If you have been accelerated in your previous school you may be able to undertake study at the Year 12 level while in Year 11. For example, a number of students have taken Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Biology and English during their Year 11 study.

The University of Adelaide offers access to some of its first-year courses to USC students who have completed some Year 12 subjects through its Accelerated Headstart Program. Under this program, you can undertake university subjects and subsequently, if you enrol in a relevant course at the University, will be given credit towards your degree.

As a USC student, you are ideally situated to take advantage of the Headstart program, as you’re operating on the same timetable. We have students undertaking study in many different subjects across a range of disciplines in the Headstart Studies Program. These subjects can be counted towards their ATAR.