Everyone finds their place in our community. USC is much more than a learning environment – it’s a vibrant community that values and respects everyone in it. We have high standards of learning, and we also place great value on relationships and inclusion. 

Our community welcomes parents, who are a key part of a student’s learning journey, and we involve parents in mentoring discussions, parent webinars and other functions to help them enjoy the college community. We are in regular communication with parents to seek their feedback and input, and to ensure we are meeting their needs as well as those of the students.

Our graduates stay in touch with their community through reunions and the Old Scholar Association, and also contribute to the college through sharing their knowledge, expertise and contacts that they have built – and are building – in their own industries.

“One challenge with a new school is making friends. Surprisingly, I found this to be not as much a challenge as I had thought. The friendships forged in the early days remained strong and carried me throughout the year. Without those friends, this year would have been so much harder. Knowing everyone was in the same boat of not knowing anyone made it easier to form deep friendships from the get-go.”Milla, Year 11
  • USC is a place where…

    USC is a place where students thrive, they don’t just survive.

    USC is a place where students are provided with a pathway to help them get to where they want to be, and then supported to reach it.

    USC is a place of welcome, inclusion, connection and where deep relationships are valued between staff, students and student to student.   

    USC is a diverse and respectful community in a safe and supported adult learning environment that encourages academic rigour in a high culture learning environment.

    USC is a place where everyone can learn and be respected.