Study With Us

If you’re inspired by learning, USC is for you.

We prepare leaders, challenge critical thinkers and inspire you to innovate. And we also connect your head with your heart, giving you the chance to make your world a better place and participate in your community. Part of your study will involve practical community projects for you to apply your learning, and have an impact on the world around you.

Our curriculum will prepare you for the demands of university and accelerate your learning to achieve your potential. We’ll open your eyes to the pathways that will take you on the next step of your learning journey, and provide support to help you get there.

Whether you’re studying Year 10, joining us in Year 11 or finishing off your secondary studies in Year 12, we will provide a learning experience which enables you to become an independent learner with personal integrity, mutual respect and cultural diversity at the core of your success.

The USC Curriculum Handbook will provide you with all the options available to you.

“My school community is caring, inviting and academically stimulating.”Jessica, Year 10
  • Seven reasons to study at USC

    1. Through the Partner’s Pathway, you are guaranteed of a place at The University of Adelaide.
    2. You will enjoy a quality learning experience within a strong learning culture.
    3. We set high expectations and provide challenging learning to help you reach them.
    4. USC is an independent adult learning environment building effective communicators and creative collaborators.
    5. You will study a broad range of subjects in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, music and the arts.
    6. You can select your language of choice to study with the School of Languages.
    7. Through the Accelerated Headstart Program, you may study subjects above your year level.
  • How USC is different to secondary school?

    • Your timetable. You’ll have an individualised timetable in which you’ve chosen the subjects that best suit your interests.
    • Your school day. We begin at 8.00am and finish on most days at 5.00pm. There won’t be a bell to announce the start or end of class. We have an extended day to give you the benefit of two-hour lesson blocks, which will provide you greater room to achieve and explore in each subject.
    • Your teachers. You’ll be on first-name terms with your teachers, and can make one-on-one appointments if you need some clarification or a little extra support. They are dedicated to your learning.
    • Your presentation. We don’t have a school uniform, but neat casual dress is expected. However each year, our Year 12’s design their jumper.
    • Your resources. By being on campus at The University of Adelaide, you can access university resources including the Barr Smith Library, the Hub and other study spaces.
    • Your out-of-hours study. We expect our Year 12 students to spend four hours in private study each week for each subject, our Year 11 students to spend two hours and forty minutes and our Year 10 students to spend two hours. We have structured the timetable to allow you to complete most of that private study during the day, leaving you time for your out-of-school interests, activities or work commitments.
    • Our sporting teams. We field teams in a number of sports, support those students who are playing individual sports, and you have access to Adelaide University Sport.
  • What you’ll study?

    Our curriculum is structured to prepare you for university study, with a particular focus on the courses at The University of Adelaide, recognising the unique partnership between University Senior College and The University of Adelaide. Naturally the subject choices offered at our school also prepare our students for courses at other universities here in South Australia, interstate and overseas.

    At USC you’ll be working towards your South Australian Certificate of Education, known as SACE. While the SACE program provides a foundation for the curriculum, the expectations are raised in a number of ways. These are neatly packaged in our unique Partner’s Pathway arrangement with The University of Adelaide. Through this pathway, The University has recognised our academically demanding program by offering places to students who engage and achieve effectively at USC. Year 10 at USC is more structured and follows the Australian Curriculum.

    You can view all details of the curriculum in our Curriculum Handbook.