Technology at USC

Student on campus

Bring your own device

All USC students use their own devices for study, from which you can access the University’s high speed Wi-Fi network. Support is provided by our IT team and the IT team at The University of Adelaide.

While the College has no minimum technical requirements for devices, we recommended to follow the SACE Minimum Requirements.

When choosing a device consider the following:

  • Both Windows and MacOS devices are acceptable. Chromebook or devices with android operating system do not meet the SACE requirements and therefore are not recommended.
  • Purchased within the last 3 years
  • MacBook running MacOS Big Sur or above; OR Windows Laptop or 2-in-1 device running Windows 10 or above
  • Battery Life: 6 hours or greater is preferable.
  • Minimum 13” Screen (measured diagonally). Anything smaller than this can impact on eye fatigue, if using the device for prolonged periods of time.
  • Storage. Most devices currently on the market, come with adequate hard drive space. Cloud storage is also an option, but not all Cloud storage solutions are accessible at school. The College will provide students with access to cloud storage.
  • Memory to accommodate more advanced software. A minimum of 8GB of RAM as students wishing to use more advanced software programs will require 8GB of RAM or greater.
  • Wi-Fi. Almost all new devices or devices purchased within the last three years have a suitable wireless card. If you are unsure, please bring your device into school and the ICT Support Staff will be able to check to ensure the wireless card is suitable
  • Camera/internal microphone.

Tablets and iPads (including iPad pro) do not meet the technical requirements for SACE e-exams and therefore they are not recommended.

iPads are useful devices for many activities including Art but are not a replacement for a laptop.

  • SACE minimum and recommended technical requirements

    SACE has minimum and recommended technical requirements for all equipment to be used for e-exams. Student devices are expected to meet the following minimum technical requirements to use the SACE e-exam system.

      Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
    Device type laptop, desktop
    (tablets are not supported)
    laptop, desktop
    (tablets are not supported)
    Device operating system Windows 10 21H1, 
    Windows 11,
    MacOS 10.11+
    Windows 10 21H2,
    Windows 11 21H2,
    MacOS BigSur 11.2.1
    MacOS Monterey 12.2.1
    MacOS Monterey 12.2.2
    Device memory 4GB 8GB
    Device hard drive 2GB free space 2GB free space
    Screen size 13 inch 13.3 inch (laptop)
    15.6 inch (laptop)
    Screen Resolution 1366 x 768
    (supports zoom levels up to 150%)
    1366 x 768,
    1920 x 1080,
    2560 x 1600
    (Supports zoom levels up to 200%. Students requiring zoom levels over 150% should use a 17-inch screen or larger)
    Headphones wired only (bluetooth not permitted) wired only (bluetooth not permitted)
    Connectivity able to connect to the internet via wired or wireless connection able to connect to the internet via wired or wireless connection
    Power 3 hours of available power, either connected power in the exam room or battery power to power the device for a minimum of 3 hours 3 hours of available power, either connected power in the exam room or battery power to power the device for a minimum of 3 hours
    Administrator access able to install third party software on the device able to install third party software on the device


File storage and printing

As a USC student, you will be provided with 2GB to store files in your own folder on the network.

Students have access to wireless printing on campus. Students are provided with a printing allowance of 200 pages, at 10c per printed page for non-colour pages. The pages printed by students are monitored and it is the student's responsibility to keep this balance at an appropriate amount to ensure they can print when required. Additional print credits can be purchased from the Finance Officer, at the Finance Office. NOTE: An insufficient printing balance will not be an acceptable reason for failure to meet deadlines for assessments.

Email and internet usage

You’ll be provided with a personal USC email account ( which provides a level of security with regard to viruses and privacy.

You’ll have unmetered usage of the internet for study-related purposes. All internet usage is monitored under the University’s Acceptable Use and Security Policy and is a privilege for USC students. Internet access may be removed if students step beyond the guidelines for acceptable use.