Year 11

If you commence at University Senior College in Year 11 you won’t be alone in being new to the school – you’ll have a fresh start.

We carefully manage the progression from Year 10 to a more tertiary-style study, and give you time to adapt from wherever you’ve come.

“The teachers continue to astound me! Their belief in us and our academic prowess boosted me, making me want to do the best I could to make their time worth it!”Milla, Year 11

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  • How your Year 11 classes will run

    Every subject you study will have two-hour classes each week. These are longer sessions than most secondary schools, and allow you to explore your learning in more depth. The USC school day begins at 8.00am and on most days ends at 5.00pm. This extended day has the benefit of a flexible timetable structure, based upon two hour blocks.

    Outside of scheduled classes, you’ll study independently either on the USC campus or on The University of Adelaide campus. This is a key skill to learn before you start University, and by the time you leave USC, you should have the time management, personal organisation skills and confidence to succeed in the unique environment of University.

  • The Year 11 curriculum (Stage 1)

    You can view all details of the curriculum in our Curriculum Handbook.

    To achieve Stage 1 of your SACE, you must complete:

    • The Exploring Identities and Futures (EIF), which is usually completed in Year 10 prior to joining USC.
    • 20 credits (2 semesters) of English
    • At least 10 credits (1 semester) of Mathematics

    Generally at Stage 1, you undertake a total of 120 credits which is equivalent to 12 single semester courses, each of 10 credits, in addition to the PLP. If you have not completed your PLP at your previous school, we provide an opportunity to complete this off-line.

    You will undertake six subjects in each semester. For most students, one of these six subjects is the Research Project.

    At Stage 1, a few subjects are offered as pairs of units, both of which are seen as prerequisites for Stage 2. Subjects in this category include English, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Maths, Physics, Chemistry and General Mathematics. However, most of the subjects offered at Year 11 are offered as single units. These provide the opportunity for you to try a range of subjects before making a commitment at Year 12.

    You’ll have formal examinations in each semester in most subjects. We see the examination experience as an important aspect of our program. Undertaking Year 11 examinations is also a significant element contributing to the assessment process of our Partner’s Pathway Program.

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  • Career planning in Year 11

    Students in class

    As a Year 11 student you can ask our old scholars and leaders in professions for their advice. You will meet the Recruitment Officer at The University of Adelaide - who will organise tours of those parts of the University you’re interested in, and introduce you to key staff you need to know.