You can ease the stress of departing for Australia by taking time to check what you need to do and bring. Please use our checklist to help you ensure you do all the important things that are required of you.

  • What to pack

    Airline weight allowances will restrict what you can take on your flight to Australia. You can buy most things you need in Adelaide, so you might consider only bringing with you:

    • Digital Devices including a laptop, external storage, mobile phone, camera
    • Spare glasses
    • Sunglasses and hat
    • Jeans/slacks, shirts/blouses, t-shirts and shorts
    • Pyjamas, comfortable clothes to wear at home
    • Sportswear, jumper, thick socks (it can get cold in winter)
    • Clothes for a more formal occasion (such as graduation)
    • Shoes, sandals and casual footwear
    • Alarm clock

    Note: For electrical goods the standard voltage is 240 volts. Adaptors are easily available.

  • Your hand luggage

    You should carry with you your visa, air ticket, driver’s licence, school reports and any necessary medicines you need. There are security regulations about carrying liquids, aerosols or gels in your hand luggage. Please read the information on TravelSECURE.

  • The Incoming Passenger Card

    Before you land in Australia you’ll need to fill out an Incoming Passenger Card. This is a legal document and must be answered correctly. If you are carrying any food, wooden materials, animal or plant products you must answer YES. (If you are unsure always declare the items).

  • Quarantine laws

    To help keep Australia free from pests and diseases, quarantine laws are very strict at all Australian international airports and mail centres. This is very important information to know before coming to Australia, so we would ask you to take the time to read about what you can't bring into Australia.

  • Your arrival

    All luggage is screened by customs officers, x-rays and detector dogs. If you make a false declaration or fail to declare any items you could be charged an on the spot fine, prosecuted or imprisoned. (It is important to tell your family and friends which items cannot be sent to you while you are in Australia. Many of your favourite foods are available in all of Australia’s major cities, including Adelaide.)

  • Australian Customs and Border Protection

    Information for incoming travellers can be found on the Customs and Border Protection website and we would encourage you to check this site carefully to ensure you will not get into trouble bringing prohibited foods or medicines into Australia. Regulations are very strict and customs officials will take any undeclared items away from you.

If you are prepared, you will enjoy your arrival into Adelaide. We wish you a safe and enjoyable journey and look forward to meeting you when you get here!