Tour of the UofA Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Department

Students on excursion

As part of the University Senior College STEM Community Connections and Partnerships, we had the privilege of participating in an exclusive tour of the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (EME) Department at The University of Adelaide.

The tour included visits to specialized laboratories, such as the Vibrations Lab and the Robotics Lab, where students witnessed engaging demonstrations, including one featuring the Shadow Robot. The tour also featured a Q&A session where students gained insights into the engineering programs and ongoing research.
The experience not only benefited students but also provided valuable knowledge
to teachers, enabling them to better guide and support their students. 

Students on excursion

"What we learnt about the various applications of electrical and mechanical engineering will be very helpful for deciding what to study next year. It was impressive to see the shadow robot exactly match the operator's rapid arm movements. In the vibration lab they discussed several applications of engineering that I hadn't ever considered, such as designing satellites to ensure that any vibrations they experience will not accumulate to the point where they affect the functionality of the electronics." - Alex, Year 12

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