Congratulations to the USC 2022 Graduates

USC 2022 Graduates - Congratulations on your outstanding SACE results. With great pride we saw you face challenges, learn, grow and succeed. We wish you every success for your future. You are ready.

The 2022 Graduates are to be congratulated on their SACE results and their resilience, perseverance and hard work throughout the past 3 years. The results are outstanding and are a reflection of our students’ diligence and the support and dedication of our wonderful staff.

Congratulations to our Dux Teresa Bueti on achieving an ATAR of 99.95. Teresa also achieved three Merits in Biology, Chemistry, English, Research Project (2021) and 2 High Distinctions in Headstart Program (Human Anatomy and Physiology 1A and 1 B).

Congratulations to Rucan (James) Liu our Proximae Accessit. Rucan (James) achieved an ATAR of 99.85. Rucan (James) also achieved Merits in Specialist Mathematics and Mathematical Methods (2021) and 2 High Distinctions in Headstart Program (Programming (MATLAB and C) and Object-Oriented Programming Comp).

There were 90 A+ grades with 35 Merits.

Congratulations also to the following students who achieved an ATAR between 98 and 99.95

  • Chloe Koh 99.75
  • Mia Jarvis 99.45
  • Ruby Cichero 99.40
  • Janviben Shah 99.35
  • Georgia McLeod 98.95
  • Ollie White 98.90
  • Anika Bruin 98.85
  • Azalea Li 98.85
  • Alannah Pham 98.75
  • Christine Welsh 98.75
  • Zuhar Alji 98.7
  • William Li 98.65
  • Sheida Afshar 98.55
  • Anita Kaleynik 98.55
  • Jack Larkin 98.45
  • Joseph Bojcesvski 98.35
  • Archie Goodson 98.20

25 students studied one or more subjects in the University of Adelaide Headstart Scholarship. Results are as follows:

  • 22 High Distinctions
  • 14 Distinctions
  • 6 Credits
  • 1 Pass


Congratulations to all our graduates of 2022.

Best wishes Anita, on behalf of the staff at USC.


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