(ICLT) Information, Communication and Learning Technologies at USC

students using laptop


University Senior College students are required to bring their own devices to class however, all students also have access to a number of desktop computers located on both the College and University campuses.


  • Students should keep their work in their own folder on the server. They should also frequently (e.g. weekly) back up their work by either emailing files home or copying to a secure cloud storage.
  • Students are provided with 2GB to store files. Storage of files on the network is only provided for educational purposes.
  • If students need to change the settings of computers they must return computers to the default setting before logging off. Keyboards, etc. can only be moved after consultation with a teacher.


University Senior College students have access to wireless printing on campus. Students are provided with a printing allowance of 200 pages, at 10c per printed page for non-colour pages. The pages printed by students are monitored and it is the student's responsibility to keep this balance at an appropriate amount to ensure they can print when required. Additional print credits can be purchased from the Finance Officer, at the Finance Office. NOTE: An insufficient printing balance will not be an acceptable reason for failure to meet deadlines for assessments.


Students are provided with a personal USC email account (firstname.lastname@usc.adelaide.edu.au) which provides a level of security with regard to viruses and privacy.

Internet Usage

Students have unmetered usage of the internet for study related purposes. This applies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and refers to any access of the internet, whether through USC desktop computers, or via wireless authentication on any personal devices.

Internet usage for purposes such as torrent downloads, streaming and any other material that doesn’t apply under the University’s Acceptable Use and Security Policy can, and will, still be monitored. Internet access may be removed if students step beyond the guidelines for acceptable use.