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Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics

Course Length: 10-credit or 20-credit
Learning Area: Mathematics

Where does it lead?

This subject is designed for capable students of Mathematics who enjoy problem solving and who wish to further their studies related to Mathematics at the tertiary level. These students include those wishing to study engineering, computer science, physical sciences, mathematical sciences or surveying.

What is in the course?

This course introduces a number of abstract concepts and develops abilities in mathematical problem solving. It enables students to develop their skills when approaching new challenges. The processes of investigation, modelling and reasoning are explored as students develop their individual problem solving skills and relate them to real life situations.

Algebraic processes form a significant part of this course. Conceptual thinking is developed through problem solving. Extensive use of the graphics calculator is made to provide numerical results or graphical representations. Then, as in all mathematical courses, there is the need to understand the mathematical concepts, to organise information, solve problems and communicate outcomes using appropriate language and symbols.

The specific topics studied are: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series, Geometry, Vectors in the plane, Further Trigonometry, Matrices and Real and Complex Numbers.


  • Skills and Application Tasks
  • Mathematical Investigations
  • Examination


  • Please note that 10-credits of mathematics are compulsory.  Students must achieve a grade of C or better in mathematics to meet SACE numeracy requirements
  • Stage 1 Specialist Mathematics is taken concurrently with Stage 1 Mathematical Methods
  • Successful completion of 20-credits of Specialist Mathematics at Stage 1 is seen as a prerequisite for Stage 2 Specialist Mathematics
  • Whilst not compulsory it is envisaged students will have completed 10A Mathematics


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