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Stage 1 Australian and International Politics

Course Length: 10-credit or 20-credit
Learning Area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Where does it lead?

This course encourages students to understand the essential features of the Australian Government and International Politics. It allows students to understand how politics affects our lives and how they can become involved themselves or more generally develop their roles as informed citizens. This subject provides excellent preparation for those students who may wish to study politics or any discipline in which effective communication, in both written and oral forms is fundamental. It provides excellent preparation for tertiary courses in the professions, such as Law, International Studies or Commerce and could well lead to a career in Politics or the Public Service.

What is in the course?

Politics is all pervasive and it is impossible for anyone in our society not to be touched every day by political decisions. Politics is an active process at work in families, businesses, communities, as well as at the local, state and federal levels, right through to the international sphere.  In a boisterous and active classroom environment, students are challenged to explore their political knowledge, bias and interests. Power and decision making is an important topic in which the important question is posed - What is power and who has it in society? A second topic is Community politics, in which students gain an understanding of the politics directly affecting their day to day environment. In the third topic, Government, the concepts of democracy, representative and responsible government are considered, exploring the roles of politicians and electors. The options topic examines how ideology has helped shape international politics. There is a strong emphasis on what is happening in politics today and thus needs analysis and sources are significant.

Essay writing is a very important skill that will be developed during this course.


  • Folio
  • Source Analysis
  • Investigation
  • Examination


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