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Stage 1 Physics

Course Length: 10-credit or 20-credit
Learning Area: Sciences

Where does it lead?

This subject is designed to prepare students to study Physics at the tertiary level, and those courses for which Physics is regarded as either a prerequisite or assumed knowledge. As well, a solid grounding in Physics should enable students to make informed decisions about many of the significant issues faced by society today. Such decisions include how South Australia should deal with the nuclear waste from a nuclear power station sent from other countries. Physics also provides an excellent foundation in evidence-based logical reasoning and develops skills in critical thinking and attending to detail, making it an excellent preparation for any tertiary course. Physics is regarded as one of the enabling sciences, underpinning a great many other disciplines and can lead to exciting careers in such diverse fields as Astro-physics, Photonics, Engineering, Medical Physics, Geology, Environmental Science, Mining and Defence Science.

Semester 1 of Stage 1 Physics must be completed for entry into Semester 2. Successful completion of 20 credits of Stage 1 Physics is a prerequisite for Stage 2 Physics

What is in the course?

The core topics of this course include in Semester 1: Linear Motion and Forces in one dimension, Waves and Light, Energy and Momentum; and in Semester 2: Electric Circuits, Nuclear Models and Radioactivity and Heat. Important elements of the course include the design and carrying out of practical investigations, researching and critically analysing information, solving physics related problems and communicating effectively about physics.


  • Skills and Applications Tasks
    • Tests and Exam
  • Investigations Folio
    • Practical and 'Science as a Human Endeavour' Investigations
  • Examination


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