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Stage 2 Maths Applications

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: Mathematics

Where does it lead?

Mathematical Applications is a suitable subject for those students who want an understanding of the practical uses of mathematics in the business and finance world or in the Social Sciences. It is therefore, ideal for those students who wish to pursue courses in the Social Sciences, such as Psychology, in which the study of Statistics plays a part, or those who wish to embark upon courses with a business focus, such as Marketing, Commerce or Finance.

Care should be taken, however to check the level of Mathematics required for entry to the various tertiary courses, particularly those interstate.


It will be assumed that students will have completed 20 credits of Stage 1 Mathematics. These credits may include Mathematical Applications, Mathematical Studies or Specialist Mathematics.

What is in the course?

The course aims to introduce students to real life applications of mathematics in the areas of business and some areas of financial literacy. There will be a deliberate focus on developing an understanding of problems that arise out of business and personal financial situations and how mathematics can be used to solve these problems. The course is divided into 4 topics:

  • Share Investments and Statistics
  • Working with Data
  • Investment and Loans
  • Mathematics and Small Business.


  • Skills and Applications Tasks
  • Folio Investigation
  • Examination (each semester)             


  • Stage 2 Mathematical Applications and Mathematical Studies are precluded combination in the calculation of ATAR


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