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Stage 2 Legal Studies

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Where does it lead?

A background in Legal Studies provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of tertiary courses. This course emphasises the development of analytical skills and research skills and provides a good background for those students who wish to pursue tertiary courses in the Professions, such as commerce, economics, marketing as well as law itself. Law graduates often work in areas other than as practising lawyers, including government departments, business, the media, education, international relations, NGOs like World Bank and Red Cross and unions.


Students must have the ability to write in clear prose. Stage 1 Legal Studies provides an excellent background and is a definite advantage.

What is in the course?

The course comprises four interrelated units: The Australian Legal System (ALS); Constitutional Government;
Lawmaking and Justice Systems. Students will critically analyse the Australian legal system from a range of legal and cultural perspectives and consider from conflict and injustice that can occur. The legal system is explored from the local level through to its global connections, with a view to developing an understanding of how laws are made, how disputes are resolved for the betterment of society, and the effect that individuals or groups can have on these processes. A major objective is for students to learn enough about our legal system to emerge with sufficient confidence to understand how it affects their lives, both socially and in the workplace. The inclusion of active learning exercises using simulations like mock trials, sentencing hearings, treaty making exercises, supplement the traditional learning methods. 

Students must have the ability to write in clear prose.


  • Folio
  • Inquiry
  • Examination


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