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Stage 1 Legal Studies

Course Length: 10-credit or 20-credit
Learning Area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Where does it lead?

A background in Legal Studies provides an excellent foundation for a wide range of tertiary courses as it provides an overview of the Australian Legal System, its governance and impact on all nature of Australian life. This course emphasises the development of analytical skills, research skills and provides a good background for those students who wish to pursue tertiary courses in the Professions, such as Law, Politics, Commerce, Economics, Marketing, Media and International Studies. Those progressing to study law will more often use this tertiary training to work in areas other than as practising lawyers, such as in government departments, business corporations, NGOs, the media and unions.

What is in the course?

What is law? Why have laws? Are they fixed? Can we change them? The law permeates our lives every day. This course aims to develop an understanding of the Australian Legal System, the reason for laws and to trace how our laws evolved by considering the contributions made by our values, heritage and traditions  in influencing how our current laws are generated and structured. Students should also develop knowledge of legal rights and how the legal system resolves problems. Further, they will learn how they can contribute to social progress by being involved in changing the law. Specific topics covered include law and society, justice and society plus optional topics. Optional topics of study may include young workers and the law, young people and the law, sports and the law, consumer law, technology and the law.


  • Coursework
  • Issues Analysis
  • Individual Presentation
  • Examination


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