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Stage 2 Modern History

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Where does it lead?

History involves the study of the past and the accounts of the past. We naturally want to know how we came to be who we are and how the world we live in came to be what it is. This is a literacy-based subject with an emphasis on research, sources analysis and written communication. This subject, then, is an ideal preparation for those tertiary courses with a leaning towards research and written communication. Such courses would include Law, International Studies, Arts, and Commerce. The study of History prepares students for careers in law, journalism and the public service and also provides students with background knowledge if they wish to undertake overseas travel in the future.

What is in the course?

Students will be expected to acquire a significant amount of knowledge of people and events in the history of society – why events happen and their consequences. History as a discipline combines research and the organisation of data into a convincing argument that needs to be supported by evidence of a primary and secondary nature.  Students undertake a thematic study and a depth study. The Thematic Study involves a study of the Russian Revolution in particular the nature of a Pre-Revolutionary Society, the causes and outcomes of the Revolution and the internal and external threats to the New Order. The Depth Study is entitled the Age of Catastrophes; the Great Depression - its causes and outcomes; the Rise to Power of Adolph Hitler and the nature of the Nazi regime and the nature of the second world war in Europe.

It must be remembered that History relies heavily on written communication skills and students should be proficient in writing essays and developing arguments.


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  • Examination


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