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Stage 2 Geography

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Where does it lead?

Geography provides an opportunity to study our environment and how we interact with it. It helps develop research and communication skills and so provides a solid foundation for tertiary courses in the humanities areas. Those students who are hoping to study in the area of the Professions will find that Geography provides a very worthwhile foundation.

What is in the course?

The core of the course has as its focus the key issues that confront society today. It centres on the global, national and local water shortage problems; on the growing population problems as the diminishing resources base. It reflects on our past mistakes and explores how we can move to a more sustainable future. The Fieldwork Report applies a wide range of practical skills learned in the classroom to an investigation of a Geographic problem in the local area of the student. The Inquiry Question is mainly an internet activity that focuses on either an energy source (wind, solar, biofuels, global warming etc) or linked to issues of either biodiversity.  Student present four short Folio tasks related to each of International Migration; the Demography of the Developing World; ecological footprint and a global biome.

It must be remembered that Geography relies heavily on written communication skills and students should have good presentation skills and paragraph writing skills. The ability to develop an argument, to analyse a source and to synthesise a range of sources is seen as significant.


  • Field Work
  • Inquiry
  • Folio
  • Examination


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