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Stage 2 English as an Additional Language

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: English

Where does it lead?

English as an Additional Language is designed for students for whom English is a second language or additional language or dialect. These students have had different experiences in English and one or more languages. Students who study this subject come from diverse personal, educational, and cultural backgrounds.

This subject provides opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and critical understanding of what is accurate and appropriate in primarily formal and academic contexts. English as an Additional Language is aimed at students who are intending to pursue tertiary studies.


Eligibility for this subject is based upon the number of years of school where the language of instruction has been in English. Students who have had 5 or less years of instruction in English are eligible. Other students may be allowed to take this course following an English language proficiency assessment using criteria set by the SACE Board.

What is in the course?

This subject focuses on the development and use of skills and strategies in communication, comprehension, language and text analysis and text creation.

Through studying a variety of oral, written and multimodal texts, including informational and literary texts, students develop an understanding of text structures and language features. Students explore the relationship between the structures and features and the purpose, audience, and contexts of texts. Information, ideas, and opinions in texts are identified and evaluated. Personal, social and cultural perspectives in texts are analysed and evaluated.

Students develop confidence in creating texts for different purposes in both real and imagined contexts. Students broaden their language and their understanding of sociocultural and sociolinguistic aspects of English through their study of texts and language. They develop skills for research and academic study.


  • Academic Literacy Study
  • Responses to Texts
  • Examination


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