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Stage 1 Drama

Course Length: 10-credit or 20-credit
Learning Area: Arts

Where does it lead?

Drama appeals to students with an interest in communication, performance, theatre and film. The subject is an ideal complement for students with a special interest in English, language and literature. Drama leads to a wide range of tertiary courses including law, architecture, medicine, media, professional acting, directing, designing, arts, international studies, media, creative arts, journalism, teaching, film, television, marketing and public relations. A key focus in the subject is the development of students to become skilled leaders as well as valuable team-players by providing enriching experiences of team project work – a feature of contemporary careers and professions. The course is academic and practical, emphasising the importance rigorous analysis skills and performance skills.

What is in the course?

Drama is the art of engaging others through the relationship of presenter with audience. Acting, public speaking, directing, filmmaking, stage-managing, designing and reviewing are some of the key roles students undertake, and within the couse they can specialise. Drama students create, analyse and discuss performance, as well as develop their own philosophy of art and ideas - an intriguing thread of throughout the subject. Semester 1 focuses on presentation and analysis skills through a study of serious drama, comedy and dramatic texts. Semester 2 largely involves a major performance. The subject of Drama recognises that people are both rational and irrational beings, composed of intellectual, emotional and physical aspects. Drama aims to integrate these aspects, empowering students to refine their abilities as presenters of ideas, arguments and especially themselves.


  • Performance
  • Presentation
  • Analysis, Investigation and Advanced Writing Skills
  • Examination


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