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Stage 2 Chemistry

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: Sciences

Where does it lead?

Chemistry is a subject for students who have an interest in natural and processed materials, and the ways in which people obtain, manufacture and use materials in their everyday lives. Chemistry provides an important foundation to a wide range of tertiary courses, such as Medical Sciences, Engineering, Science, Environmental Studies and Biotechnology.


It will be assumed that students undertaking Stage 2 Chemistry have completed 20-credit of Stage 1 Chemistry successfully.

What is in the course?

The content of the Chemistry course consists of five main topics: elemental and environmental chemistry; analytical techniques; using and controlling reactions; organic and biological chemistry; and materials. Practical and communication skills are also applied across topics. Practical investigations, research and the ability to analyse information critically are important elements of this course. Students are expected to develop an understanding of chemical concepts and to apply these as solutions to real and topical problems. There is an emphasis on the importance of this knowledge in making informed decisions.  Students will further develop their communication skills.


  • Skills and Application Tasks
  • Investigations Folio
  • Examination


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