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Stage 2 Biology

Course Length: 20-credit
Learning Area: Sciences

Where does it lead?

This subject is designed to prepare students to study Biology at the tertiary level, and those courses for which Biology is regarded as either a prerequisite or assumed knowledge. Such courses include Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and the Health Sciences, Human Movement, Environmental Biology, Veterinary Science, Agriculture and Horticulture.

What is in the course?


  • Types and functions
  • DNA, replication and protein synthesis
  • DNA technologies


  • Cell types, structures and functions 
  • Cell division
  • Energy Supply
  • Cell cycles, cancer
  • Effects of chemicals on metabolism


  • Structure and Function
  • Sexual and asexual reproduction, meiosis
  • Exchange surfaces in humans
  • Evolution and natural selection
  • Human lifestyle choices and disease


  • The species concept
  • Interactions between organisms, feeding relationships, energy flow
  • Ecological succession, reproductive strategies, speciation
  • Cycling of matter and decomposers

Experimental Work

  • Scientific method
  • Practical work related to concepts raised in class


  • Skills and Applications Tasks
  • Investigations Folio
  • Examination


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