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Stage 1 Biology

Course Length: 10-credit or 20-credit
Learning Area: Sciences

Where does it lead?

Biology at Stage 1 helps students to develop an appreciation of the living world, its complex interrelations, at both the molecular/cellular level and among living organisms. The course focus is primarily on human biology, allowing students to develop a deep and broad understanding of the human body. It also includes an exploration of ecology and evolution, supporting students interested in the future study of medical biology and/or ecological sciences. This subject is designed to prepare students to study Biology, first at Stage 2 level and then at the tertiary level, and for those courses for which Biology is regarded as either a prerequisite or assumed knowledge. Such courses include Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy and the Health Sciences, Human Movement, Environmental Biology, Veterinary Science, Agriculture and Horticulture.

What is in the course?

The Semester 1 course focuses on the characteristics of living things with an emphasis on cell structure and function. A highlight is a visit to the Adelaide Microscopy Centre. Microbiology and disease outbreaks are also discussed, and this includes a visit to the Botanical Gardens and Zoo. The semester concludes with an exploration of the structure of genetic material and a look at how proteins are made. In Semester 2, the emphasis is on human physiology. A look at health and nutrition and several interrelated systems is used to demonstrate the complexity of the human body. Human exchange surfaces and how the body responds to stimuli are also explored. The semester concludes with the study of ecology and evolution, which includes a trip to the Zoo.


  • Skills and Applications Tasks
  • Investigations Folio
  • Practical and 'Science as a Human Endeavour' Investigations
  • Tests and Examinations


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