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USC International Old Scholar

CHEN, Chen

My high school life in USC began in 2007.USC was really good in terms of flexibility for students. The staff, especially teachers of science subjects, is keen to customise study plan for individual students. For example, Murray, who was my Physics teacher, designed a research topic, in which I tried to verify cycloid was the best shape to undergo free fall without friction. Although it means extra work, the research experience is really helpful to my later study. In addition, USC realised my talent in Maths and helped me to apply Headstart scholarship which allowed me to do University Maths when I was in high school. Apart from Academic, the staff are all friendly. People working there had no problem to do reference for you in the event of renting and job application, whereas many international students from others schools and even university do have problems with these issues.

What I am doing now:

With the advantage of completing 9 units University Maths in USC, I finished my 5-year double degree in Mechanical Engineering with Mathematical & Computer Science within 4 years. I had an internship last year in SDA Engineering Ltd, and then worked in CSIRO as a vacation scholar. I started my Ph.D study in May 2012 with scholarship covering my tuition fee and living expenses. I also work as a part time tutor and mark for the Maths department and the CS department in the University of Adelaide.

USC International Old Scholar

ZHENG, Wen Jun (Helen)

When I was 16 years old, my parents gave me the opportunity to study in Australia. I felt very proud to be a student of USC. Today, I am studying for a commerce degree at Melbourne University.

I will never forget my first day. I was very excited and at the same time afraid to communicate with Australian students. I found the school environment very different to my old school in China. Students really do experience the university style of learning here. After my English class I chose to study year 11 chemistry and economics and discovered I was the only international student in the class. At the beginning I was very lonely and afraid. When I wanted to give up my teacher encouraged me until things improved.

Year 12 was my biggest challenge at USC. The workload was difficult to manage but the competitive environment helped me stay strong. All my teachers were patient and even provided special tutorials for international students on particular topics. This was especially helpful. Students are also good at helping each other to achieve their best. I will never forget my experience at USC and I want to say thank you to all of my teachers and feel very lucky to have been their student.

USC International Old Scholar

LU, Xi Yun (Ally)

Hi, my name is Ally and I am currently a final year medical student at the University of Adelaide. I did Year 11 and 12 at the USC and had a great time.
USC offers a range of subjects which prepare students academically for university as well as stimulating students' creativity. All the staff at the USC are very friendly and approachable. Teachers are more than happy to address students' questions outside of class time. The staff who look after international students understand the obstacles an international student may face and try very hard to help international students to find their feet in Adelaide.

USC is a particular good choice for people who are looking at undertaking their undergraduate degree at the University of Adelaide. Having partnership with the Adelaide University allows the USC students to have early access to university facilities and university style of teaching. This makes transition from secondary to tertiary education a lot smoother and much more manageable.

USC has a lot more to offer and the above are just a few examples. I personally have benefited a great deal from my experience at the USC and would probably have never gone as far as I am now without all the kick-starts the USC has given me. I will finish my medical degree at end of this year and will continue to pursue my career in medicine.

USC International Old Scholar

BAI, Yinfu (Ben)

I came to Australia in 2009 and commenced at Adelaide University Senior College in October of that year. It was great to see so many amiable teachers and friendly students, who were kind to me and made me feel welcome. I had a very good time at school and always had lots of opportunities to develop my skills. For example, I had the chance to play the piano and to perform many times and received lots of encouragement and this made me more confident. Many activities have educational significance.  The school has a good study environment and it is very convenient. I spent a very happy two years at the school and I feel really proud to have studied at Adelaide University Senior College!

USC International Old Scholar

LU, Wei (Vinnie)

My name is Vinnie. I did my Year 11 and 12 in 2004 - 2005.  It was great time to study in USC. The teachers were very friendly to me.  I also met a lot of friends there.  Now we all graduated from schools and universities. I am a nurse now in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.  I enjoy the job which I am doing.  I wish everyone all the best with your future.

USC International Old Scholar

ZHANG, Qing (Laven)

I graduated from USC in 2007. During my two years study there, I have been deeply impressed by the effort that every staff member has put in. They have always been kind, helpful and dedicated to their students.

At USC, we have gained excellent academic training and freedom in choosing whatever path we'd like. I did accounting and economics in Yr 11 and 12, which later on became my majors in the University of Melbourne. Now I am working as an accountant for a Property Development Firm in Melbourne and expecting to become a Chartered Accountant in the next few years.

I missed USC for its unique style of teaching. Most importantly, I have made my very best friends in this school - my mentors, teachers and classmates. I loved USC from the moment I came here till the very end - it has been a wonderful journey.

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