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Tuition Fees

  • Fees Schedule For 2018

    The School Council has determined that the following schedule of fees shall apply for the 2018 school year.

    2018 Full Year Tuition Fees - Full Time Enrolment $9,300
    2018 Services Fee# $1,640
    Application fee, including GST (once only, non-refundable) $70
    Enrolment fee (once only, non-refundable) $220
    TOTAL $11,230
    University Senior College Building Fund Levy
    (Voluntary annual contribution, tax-deductible)

    Year 11 students enrolling in Semester 2 will be charged $4,650 (being 50% of the annual tuition fee) and a Services Fee of $1,100. TOTAL charge for Semester 2 including application and enrolment fees is $6,040.

  • Enrolment Definitions

    Full time enrolment for Year 11 students is defined by:

    Semester 1

    • 6 Stage 1 subjects
    • If necessary, PLP is to be completed off-line
      (PLP Administration Charge - $360)

    Semester 2

    • 5 Stage 1 subjects and the Research Project or
    • 6 Stage 1 subjects

    Full time enrolment for Year 12 students is defined by one of the following combinations:

    • 5 Stage 2 Double Unit subjects or;
    • 4 Stage 2 Double Unit subjects coupled with the Research Project or;
    • 4 Stage 2 Double Unit subjects and 1 Stage 2 Single Unit subject.

    Part time status

    A part time study program is not recognised as an appropriate pathway through USC and enrolment cannot be guaranteed for students who wish to pursue study programs other than those listed above. The Principal may consider individual cases on merit. Students may undertake hybrid courses across both year levels.

    All students will be charged on a Full Time Enrolment basis. Only those students who are studying a SACE language externally or who are enrolled in the University of Adelaide Headstart program will be provided with a tuition fee reduction. The fee reduction will be calculated on a pro rata basis, per subject.

  • Other Charges

    # Services Fee

    The Services Fee will be charged with the first instalment of fees and is non-refundable once the student has completed the first week of Term 1. The Services Fee includes charges for the use of University of Adelaide facilities, insurance, library membership, IT charges, internet access and intranet services, ID cards, year book, student diary and life time membership of USCOSA (“USC Old Scholars’ Association”).

    University Senior College Building Fund Levy

    The voluntary levy of $150 will be billed in March 2018, and is tax-deductible.

    Music Fees

    Please refer to the separate fee schedule titled “Music Fees Schedule 2018”.

    The School will also bill students for the following where applicable

    Subject specific text books from the School’s book list where purchased through the School, subject study guides, Personal Learning Plan (PLP) administration charge ($360), art supplies, excursions, English and Drama performances, safety glasses and competition fees.

  • Schedule and Terms of Payment

    Tuition Fees will be invoiced in three instalments (as below):

    All outstanding accounts are to be finalised without exception by 31 August 2018.

    Instalment Due By Amount Due
    Instalment 1 14 December 2017 $4,740 (Instalment 1 $3,100 + $1,640 Services Fee)
    Instalment 2 30 April 2018 $3,100
    Instalment 3 31 August 2018 $3,100
    TOTAL   $11,230 (including application and enrolment fees)

    Fee Discounts

    • Full Year Tuition Fees paid in full prior to 8 December 2017 will attract an early payment discount of 2% off tuition fees ($186).
    • Family Discounts are 10% off tuition fees for the Second Child ($930) and 20% off tuition fees for Other Children ($1,860). Sibling discounts generally do not apply where some other form of assistance, such as a scholarship, has been provided.

    Please also note the following

    • Fees billed outside these periods (i.e. for enrolments after 8 December 2017 or for Semester 2 enrolments) must be paid by the end of the following month.
    • Other Charges (i.e. text books and study guides) must also be paid by the end of the following month.
    • Fees can be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly however an annual account keeping fee of $33 (GST inclusive) will be charged to cover administrative costs.
    • Payment can be made by cash, cheque, money order, credit card, and direct debit, EFT or B-PAY.
    • A late payment fee of 1% per month will be charged on overdue accounts.
    • Any expenses incurred by the use of debt collectors or other collection agencies are the responsibility of those guaranteeing fee payments.
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